Meringue is the epitome of great Gypsy mare conformation. She has the desired apple butt, kind eyes, calm demeanor, short back and heavy feather. Being a daughter of “The Lottery Horse” is icing on the cake.  Meringue stands at 14.0 hands.  She is in foal with GG King William for Spring 2019.



Our Goody is also a daughter of “The Lottery Horse” and Meringue’s full sister. She has a very playful nature. She teases the other mares into a game of tag and then easily wins, out running them with her speed and agility. Goody is very inquisitive and quite a socialite. She has to be in the middle of everything. Goody stands at 14.1 hands.  She is in foal with Blue for Spring 2019.



Nova is out of the infamous “Lion King” bloodline where she acquired her striking blue eye, large bone and grand stature. She stands a majestic 15.2 hands, but is surprisingly light on her feet. She is extremely smart and loves to learn new things. She enjoys giving kisses and will run across the pasture for a good scratching.  Nova is in foal with GG King William for Spring 2019.








The King’s Tribute                                                          

The King’s Tribute or Tepa as we call her is the daughter of Meringue and was sired by The Gypsy King.  Tepa is extremely lovable and inquisitive.  She loves to be around people and be part of any activity.  Tepa stands at 14.3 hands.