Romipen’s Reflection

Romipen’s Reflection is a yearling colt for sale.  Rom R (short for Romipen’s Reflection) was foaled on April 6, 2017.  He was sired by “Romipen”, the first Gypsy Vanner stallion born in the U.S.  Romipen is very athletic and has won several awards in the dressage world.  Rom R’s dam is “Meringue” who was sired by ‘The Lottery Horse”.  Romipen’s Reflection is a carbon copy of his fabulous sire Romipen. His genetics include greats such as Cushti Bok, The Gypsy King and The Lottery Horse.  If he was not related to all but one of my mares, he would be a keeper.  He has a very pretty head and nice stocky body.  Love his black tail, wavy mane, and silky feather.  Rom R should mature to around 14.2.  RomR has an extremely sweet and gentle temperament. He is registered with the GVHS.  Call Pam for more information.